Gluten Free in the UK

Hi Jo
Thank you for your card, yes we had a great holiday. Our one hiccup was not getting to Paris, there was a fire in the tunnel which meant the cancellation of the Eurotrain, on the same, day one of the small airlines shut up shop leaving about 90,000 people stranded and looking for flights back to the UK so a great disappointment.
On the subject off of Coeliac friendly:
Singapore Airlines were wonderful, no fuss, I simply got my meal, a bit earlier than everyone else but that was fine.
In Singapore I found the people at the hotel were very anxious to please but the language barrier was a problem, I didn't feel confident they understood me so ordered a very meager salad and had to resort to my emergency food in our room. I supplied my own muesli and bread which I toasted in the toasting bags I took with me. The fruit was good however and a lovely little man made me an excellent omelette in front of me so I could see what went into it.

In the UK I purchased a copy of Gluten-Free Food & Drink Directly from the UK Coeliac Soc. I don't believe it is as well set out as the Australian Coeliac Soc Ingredient List but was useful not the less.
Some of my concerns were about labelling, I had been warned that Europe calls some products Gluten Free when they would be considered low gluten here although UK labelling laws are similar to ours and must identify gluten containing ingredients.

Supermarkets such as Tesco's & Sainsbury's have a range of Freefrom foods but the rest of the GF food mentioned in the directory was stored along with the rest of their products, you have to go looking.

I could not find GF snack biscuits anywhere, the Sakata type you have with cheese.

The bread I had from the health food store was tolerable toasted but otherwise would have been very suitable for paving a pathway.
Sainsbury's bread was a bit better.

Eating out which is always a problem was not easy, the service centre's along the motorways did not provide GF food except for a small piece of fruit cake I managed to find in one on the M25. This is a big problem if you get caught on these very busy roads so it is always wise to have some emergency food in your bag.

On many menu lists in restaurants there was a mention of special dietary needs but when you asked there was not a lot of choice or it was pretty obvious from the look on the face of the staff they either did not know what you were talking about or they gave vague answers which left you without confidence and having to settle for the old standby of lettuce, tomato and cucumber again. I did however have a lovely meal at Fortnum & Masons which is a gorgeous shop in London which has a couple of restaurants and at a lovely little pub in Somerset "The Fox & Hound" who carefully checked with me and made me a warm chicken salad which was delicious.

I missed the Gluten Free Foods shop in Mornington which deserves a plug anytime as they do not sell any products which contain gluten, they have a great range, and they understand because nearly all the family have Coeliac disease.

Thank you Jo for your assistance I look forward to contacting you the next time I travel.