Gluten Free Camels

Dear Michelle

I had a most unexpected and wonderful gluten free travelling experience when my mother and I went into the South Australian desert for a week of camel riding and camping with Explore the Outback camel safaris. All meals were cooked over a camp fire in billy cans, and ingredients carried on the backs of camels for the full week. As a wheat and lactose free person, I was concerned about how this would pan out. But not only did the camp cooks, Ros and Russ, ensure there were gluten free options for breakfast and lunch (including lactose free powdered milk!), they also cooked my dinners in a separate billy can to ensure that they would be "safe" for me. This obviously increased their workload, but they genuinely seemed to enjoy the challenge! And never made me feel like I was causing any trouble - more than I can say for some restaurants I have been to! Many thanks to Expore the Outback - and just another example of making sure that dietary limitations don't limit your "taste" for adventure!

Kind regards