Gluten Free in Singapore.....or not?

Hi Jo

I have returned from Singapore, and being only Gluten Intolerant, not Coeliac, was more than happy with my food choices.

I was extremely upset with the Whatever Cafe, who promote themselves as providing Gluten Free meals, on three separate occasions in the two weeks that I went (out of my way) there, they had nothing at all that was Gluten Free available, and the only items listed as such were a couple of cakes. I would stronly suggest you don't promote them!

However, I did manage to find:

Pizza Hut (Plaza Singupura on Orcahrd Road) serve baked rice and salads

The Coffee Cafe (Katong Mall) serve good salads

Hot Tomato Express (Plaza Singupura on Orchard Road) serve bakes rice, and a nice variety of salads

Kopitaim (nearly in every mall - like a food hall) serve a huge variety of rices and clear soups etc and ice fruit desserts

Doc Greens (Vivocity Mall) were my saviour - sensational fresh salads and meat and vege style food

The Orange Lantern (Harbourside Plaza) serve vietnamese, rice paper rolls and salads

The Cafe Cartel (Plaza Singupura) Salads and basic Meat and Vege dishes available

So, as you can see - generally a lot of salads! and as I said, I am not Coeliac, so was fairly 'incident free' and comfortable for the two weeks I was over there. I did strike an enormous amount of trouble (especially considering all schooling is in English over there!) that there was alot of miscommunication and lack of understanding whenever I asked what flour was used. 'Pancake Flour' seemed to be all that is used over there! No-one could tell me if it came from wheat, or tapioca or rice etc, so I gave up asking whenever I saw something interesting, and just stuck with what looked and sounded familiar!

Hopefully you can pass this on to others to help with their travels.