Stay at Le Lagon for a stress free holiday

I recently spent a week at Le Lagon Resort in Vanuatu and had the absolute best time. I was more looked after by the Restaurant Manager, Stuart and his staff than I have ever been in any restuarant here in Brisbane. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They took the time to go through all the menus each meal and if there wasn't anything in the buffet for me, they would cook something for me. Boiled rice and steamed vegetables was available every lunch & dinner, as well as salads. Fresh fruit was always available for breakfast. You can take any food you like with you eg sauces, pasta, breakfast cereal,as long as you have a letter from your Doctor for customs.
I'm planning to go for two weeks next year, as I had such a relaxing time.
It's a good idea to take some packet soups as well for when you are in town for the day. It is so easy to get a cup or bowl of hot water at any of the cafes.
I would highly recommend Le Lagon for a stress free holiday.