Qantas offers a Gluten Free menu but the Industry code for the glutenfree meal is no longer GFML (GlutenFree Meal). It has moved to SPML Gluten Intolerance Meal.


It has been found that International Labelling standards worldwide are not consistant and do not meet the World Health Organisations definitions.

For example the label on a packet of Kellogs cornflakes packaged in Canada has Soy not Gluten v. one packaged in Australia that has Gluten not Soy.

GFML's are not suitable for passengers that are allergic to gluten, only those that are Gluten Intolerant. Any trace of gluten digested by passengers allergic to gluten has the potential to set them into anaphalactic shock (the same way people who are allergic to peanuts can react).

It is for this reason also that the information entered after the SPML code that is usually free format can only be entrered as "Gluten Intolerant" (SPML - Gluten Intolerant).