Our Team

Now you don’t have to choose between someone who understands living gluten-free, and someone who understands travel. We know both! A quarter of our staff are themselves living on gluten-free diets. All our staff have friends or family with coeliac disease.  glutenfree travel staff are very experienced and well travelled. All our consultants have been in the travel industry for at least 10 years, and a few have been around ... well it feels like forever! Let our experience add to yours and call us to help you plan your next holiday.
Karsten Horne
Karsten is Managing Director of Reho Travel, developed the concept of glutenfree travel and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company. Karsten has been involved in the travel industry for 30 years. A keen writer, photographer, and adventure traveller - Karsten has travelled widely to 90 countries and is often quoted in the national press with his views on travel industry and marketing trends.
Michelle Horne 
Michelle is the reason that glutenfree travel exists! Early in 2006 she was diagnosed with coeliac disease and soon became the inspiration for the glutenfree travel concept. A keen traveller, married to Karsten with a 18-year-old daughter, Michelle looks after the finances of the company, she gave up a 20-year career with Dun & Bradstreet to join glutenfree travel full time.
Aline Koerner 
Aline is one of our researchers. Aline is now based in Germany and is spreading the word internationally that glutenfree travel is a safe way to go!
Nickola Hoffmann
Nickola is our key consultant who has recently embraced a wheat free diet. Nickola has over 10 years experience She has visited many corners of the world over this time and with a passion for snow skiing her favorites usually involve some sort of activity... these have included racing down the snow covered mountains of Canada, America, Austria, New Zealand & Australia. Climbing Mt Sinai in Egypt, exploring the trails of Machu Pitchu & Northern Vietnam. Kayaking around crystal blue waters in the Pacific. Strolling the shores of Gallipoli... to eating her way through the many tasty treats on offer throughout Asia.