Gluten Free Dining Cards

Communicate Around the World with Gluten-Free Dining Cards and Phrases

In order to navigate your way in foreign countries, it is important to effectively communicate your needs in the native language. Together with the experts at Gluten Free Passport, we have developed numerous tips and compiled various gluten-free dining cards, phrases and a multi-lingual phrase guide to help you during your journey.

Below are some basic phrases about: your gluten concerns; specific ingredients; and preparation requests. These phrases have been translated into six languages that you may find useful in communicating your special dietary requirements in restaurants while in foreign language speaking countries. The translations are listed on a pocket-sized dining card for your convenience.
To download these complimentary gluten-free dining cards and phrases (in PDF format) for your travels, click the desired language or country flag.


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These gluten-free dining cards and phrases include:

I cannot eat the smallest amount of gluten which is wheat, rye or barley.
I am allergic/intolerant/hypersensitive to:

wheat flour

bread crumbs
soy sauce

Is this food dusted with wheat flour prior to cooking?

Is this food fried in the same fryer as items fried with breading?

I cannot eat these foods because I will become ill.

I have a condition called celiac/coeliac disease.

Thank you for your help.

About the Translations

The French, German, Italian and Spanish phrases represent less than 3% of the over 1200 phrases provided in the award-winning Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport
We have also included Greek and Russian translations for your travels.
All have been translated by a professional technical translation service. Gluten Free Passport has conducted quality assurance testing with native speakers of each language to ensure phrase accuracy and applicability based upon contemporary cultural idioms.