Living Gluten Free in Spain and Morocco

Gluten free cards on the iphone worked amazingly well. Either in English, French, or Arabic, whatever they chose. Most waiters were then able to steer me away from cous cous dishes and the steak dishes with sauces and leave me with tajines, salads, omelettes, etc.

Coping easily in Whistler

So, I've discovered quite a bit in terms of Gluten Free food here, so what follows is a long summary... which may be helpful for any clients travelling to Whistler and/or Canada. Also - I should point out, that as I'm living here for the moment (and not working as there are no jobs) eating has been done with one eye on a budget (ie its not a lavish ski holiday) but at the same time, not a complete shoe string style either.

Gluten Free in the UK

Eating out which is always a problem was not easy, the service centre's along the motorways did not provide GF food except for a small piece of fruit cake I managed to find in one on the M25. This is a big problem if you get caught on these very busy roads so it is always wise to have some emergency food in your bag.

Gluten Free Camels

I had a most unexpected and wonderful gluten free travelling experience when my mother and I went into the South Australian desert for a week of camel riding and camping with Explore the Outback camel safaris. All meals were cooked over a camp fire in billy cans, and ingredients carried on the backs of camels for the full weeks.

Gluten Free in Singapore.....or not?

I have returned from Singapore, and I was extremely upset with the Whatever Cafe, who promote themselves as providing Gluten Free meals, on three separate occasions in the two weeks that I went (out of my way) there, they had nothing at all that was Gluten Free available, and the only items listed as such were a couple of cakes.

Fantastic Hotel in Bali.

Just thought l would drop you a line about my recent trip to Bali. My son is 3 and has coeliac disease. We use this hotel everytime we travel to Bali but this was the first trip since he was diagnosed.

Finland was fantastic for food as a vegetarian and a coeliac

Finland was fantastic for food as a vegetarian and a coeliac, I can't wait to go back and eat my fill knowing that people there understand what a gluten-free diet is about.

Stay at Le Lagon for a stress free holiday

I recently spent a week at Le Lagon Resort in Vanuatu and had the absolute best time. I was more looked after by the Restuarant Manager, Stuart and his staff than I have ever been in any restuarant here in Brisbane.

Whatever Whenever in Singapore

Hi Michelle, I've just found this cafe in Singapore which sells gluten free food!