About us

Travelling as a coeliac should still be fun!  glutenfree travel was born after Reho Travel's Managing Director, Karsten Horne, took his family on a trip to India in January 2006.  His wife Michelle returned with what they thought was a dire case of Delhi belly, but she was eventually diagnosed as a coeliac. Since her diagnosis, Karsten started researching travel options for a weekend away and realised there wasn't a lot of information out there!  If a weekend in Sydney proved to be difficult to plan - imagine a month in Central America!
glutenfree travel is a division of Reho Travel, a successful retail and corporate travel agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.  Several of glutenfree travel staff are themselves living on gluten-free diets, and all our staff have friends or family with coeliac disease.  We're very experienced and well travelled, and we want to make it easy for you to travel too ... anywhere!  Travelling gluten free is more than just a meal request in a flight booking, but most travel agents stop there.  It’s about where to fly to, where to stay, and of course most importantly – where to eat!  It’s about making sure your whole trip is a gluten free experience.  Meal requests in the flight booking are the start of what we offer, not the end of our service. 


Our mission is to offer a combination of meaningful advice with competitive prices. 


Let our experience add to yours and call us to help you plan your next holiday!